November 7, 2007

This, That and a Whole Lot More...

The other day I posted the video for the new single, My Tribe by Spleen United and according to the band's label the sophomore album will be out January 14 next year. I don't believe that the title of the album has been revealed just yet, but since I immediately liked the new single, my expectations are growing fast (no matter what they decide to call it). My Tribe doesn't exactly indicate that the band is planning any major changes to their electronic soundscape and I find absolutely no reason to complain about this, as the debut Godspeed Into The Mainstream was one of my favorite albums of 2005. As a small "appetizer" I guess, the band has decided to give away Heroin Unltd. from the debut for free.
+ Heroin Unltd.

US jazz-pop and somewhat Steely Dan inspired trio Layabout will embark on a small German tour in December playing the following dates:
14.12 - Berlin (at ACUD kantina)
17.12 - Dortmund (at Q-Bar)
19.12 - Bremen (at No-OK)
If I was living anywhere close to the venues I'd most certainly go, as I really enjoy the jazzy and quite laid-back sound of the band.
+ Arms Around The City
+ Like kin

The fine 2005 demo album Kun En Elektrisk Summen Fra En Neonreklame Der Skulle Have Forestillet Solen (I won't even try to translate this) by ENTAKT has been reissued and you can buy it here, here or here.

A string of blogs have been added to the blogroll. Be a sport and pay them a visit!
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Danish trio Sensommersne (Late Summer Snow) sings in Danish and plays a very catchy kind of acoustic pop/rock. The melodies and instrumental parts are really great, but unfortunately the lead singer needs to practice his singing a bit (or perhaps they should even think of recruiting a new frontman), which sadly makes this far less enjoyable than it could have been!
+ Engle Taarer

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