November 8, 2007

Sudd mixtape vol. 2...

In the inbox this morning I found the following message from the generous Swedish independent label Sudd:
"Finally, Sudd's largest project this autumn is released. Sudd has a new double-disc mixtape posted for free download. Disc #1 is dance music, #2 is all 8bit pop. Sudd mixtape vol. 2 is pure nintendo happiness mixed with electro pulse."
I've just downloaded all 18 tracks and expect to spend a few entertaining hours listening my way through all songs and mixes. Why don't you do the same?

+ Sudd mixtape vol. 2 (Dance edition) (zip file) (track list)
+ Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle (Cat Burglar Remix) (sample MP3)

+ Sudd mixtape vol. 2 (8-bit edition) (zip file) (track list)
+ Boys vs. Bacteria - Waiting for that feeling (sample MP3)

And speaking of Sudd. Does anyone remember this fantastic collaboration between Fujasaki and Björn Kleinhenz that I wrote about in December 2005?
+ Stay

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Frostbitten said...

Do you happen to still have the 8bit mixtape? Sudd died before I could get my internet back into whack and now I really am pissed that I missed out on everything. I'll check back here if you're still monitoring this.