December 18, 2007

No clue...

I guess it’s about time to take down the banner promoting The Schallgrenzen Festival, as it took place this weekend. Judging from the reports and photos I guess it was quite a successful event. Originally I planned to participated, but I simply couldn’t make it fit in the already hectic schedule for December (Peter; I told you November would have been better!). With the weekend in hindsight I’m certainly glad I made that decision, as I’ve been feeling really awful since Friday morning and also had to leave work early yesterday to go home and get some rest. So a 5 hour drive to Germany would have been a killer!

As reported last week Oliver North Boy Choir has recorded a cover version of Bette Davis Eyes and now the band has made a video for the song as well. As a parent I especially find the short part amusing where Camilla and Mikkel’s child (that part is black and white, so I cannot spot whether it's a boy or a girl) decides to share the stage/spotlight with mommy.

David & the Citizens (this basically means David Fridlund) are giving away a new four track EP titled I Saw My Reflection And I Didn't Recognize Myself.
+ With Every New Day
+ The EP (Zip file)

Italian shoegaze duo Magpie is giving away a new and very beautiful instrumental track.
+ Nightly Rain

The excellent Beautiful Lie by Yoav is single of the week on iTunes UK (which means it's a free download).


Peter (Schallgrenzen) said...

Okay, okay. It will be the next spot in November...

Anonymous said...

it's a boy. i know they have a son.