December 19, 2007


The illness I suffered from during the weekend is still refusing to leave my body, so frustratingly I continue being extremely tired. A working day of 8 hours is certainly more than I can handle right now, as staying focused/concentrated/interested is pretty difficult (virtually impossible). But soon Christmas is upon us and hopefully the days off will provide me with some much needed rest.

Despite being somewhat disappointed with their recent concert, I have nonetheless bought tickets for the next Kent concert in Copenhagen (February 23 next year). Speaking of the Swedish quartet. Here's the video for the second single from Tillbaka Till Samtiden called Columbus, which captures my current state pretty well (thanks Chris)!

No matter how strange this may sound, the Gothenburg music scene isn’t all about indie pop. Male/female Italian inspired disco pop duo Sleepwalk has just published a pretty nice new track called In Secrecy (nice? - well that's if you’re into this type of music)! I’ve added the older track Disco From Italy to the mix, as the title of that one says it all – don’t you think?
+ In Secrecy
+ Disco From Italy

Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet is running a poll in an attempt to determine “who is the worst songwriter in Denmark?”. Who you should vote for is really a no-brainer and my prick has received 40% of all votes so far!

US quartet Benzos is giving away their first independent release Coupe d'état. It will immediately be added to my current favorites.
+ Coupe d'état

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