December 11, 2007

Quiet around these parts...

It’s unusual quiet today. Not even a single Christmas track has hit my mailbox making it possible to update the Christmas post! Perhaps everyone’s out Christmas shopping and remain stuck in one of those lengthy queues at the toy stores? Whatever happens to be the real explanation it is still far too quiet for my liking. So what should I do then? Hmmm. Guess I could always check out one of the mails from J.A. to see if he has something interesting up his sleeves (he normally has)? Scroll, scroll, scroll…yep there is one!

Dear X from Spain being compared to Budapest! Yes - this track sounds really great! The band mentions Radiohead, Supertramp etc. as influences, though this sounds more like Coldplay/Keane inspired stuff to me! What do you think?
+ Must I Play This Game?

Oh - a couple of new tracks by Anything Box are available and he recommends the remixes of Living in Oblivion. OK I'll try those as I quite like this band! Hmm...not too bad either!
+ Living in Oblivion - Chicago haus edit
+ Living in Oblivion - Elektrode Mix

I know he (still talking about J.A.) is impatiently awaiting the Gentle Touch debut album. Hopefully this solo track by lead singer Michael makes the waiting just a little more bearable?
+ 1

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