December 10, 2007

A whole lot of This and That's...

I don't do reviews, so I won't try to write one of the Kent concert Saturday evening. But consensus among reviewers seems to be 4 out of 6 stars and in general I fully agree. Unfortunately some glaring omissions from the setlist makes it impossible to rate it much higher that. My personal highlight of the evening was that I finally got to meet Peter (Coast is Clear), who had driven to Copenhagen with a few friends to see the concert! (thanks to Peter for letting me use the photo!).

Jonas has posted his favorite 10 albums of 2007. No. 3 on his list is Release The Stars by Rufus Wainwright, which I bought a long time ago, but have never listened to. Tonight's the night!

Parades by Efterklang is the best Danish album of 2007 according to Gaffa. This weekend I finally bought the album and after one listen I'm not afraid to admit that I just don't get it. Perhaps a few more spins will make me see the light, but at this state I'm bewildered more than anything.
+ Cutting Ice To Snow

Something weird is happening; In Rainbows suddenly is beginning to make sense. Not that it will make my top 10 of the year, but I'm no longer one big question mark when listening to it!

Brazilians The Name have recorded a cover version of Eleanor Rigby. Now, what do we think of that one?
+ Eleanor Rigby

Speaking of cover versions. Oliver North Boy Choir covers 80's classic Bette Davis Eyes (stream only).


Parklife said...

Yeah, it was a nice trip to Copenhagen! :-)

Charles said...

Let me recommend giving Efterklang another chance. I think it's one of the best records of the year.

That Eleanor Rigby cover is great!