December 20, 2007

You gotta be kidding...

not another Christmas post? Well sort of I guess. My lengthy Christmas post has become just that – too long, so I’ve decided that future stuff concerning Christmas will be featured in new posts. But since we are only a few days away from Christmas trees, presents in the stockings, carols and belly aches, I have a suspicion that this will be one of the last ones (if not the last) you’ll see in the blog this year!

J.A. once again joins in and recommends a short and lovely indie/twee popish kind of Christmas tune by UK multi-person band The School.
+ Kiss You In The Snow

Venice Is Sinking has mailed a copy of their Christmas tune The Grey Line. Originally released on the Kindercore Christmas Compilation, but apparently the band members have decided to play Santa Clauses and joyfully share it with everyone. To prevent the post from being completely Christmassy, I thought it would be a good idea to add the band’s live version of Jolene.
+ The Grey Line
+ Jolene

Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten lists their 20 favorite Christmas tunes. I personally am missing Do They Know It’s Christmas? on the list!

I doubt that you'll hear a more beautiful song this year than Valentine by Richard Hawley. To be released on January 28 it will be the next single from Lady's Bridge.

It does seem like J.A. isn't quite ready for the Christmas "truce", so here's another Christmas track recommended by my Spanish "connection". This time it's a lovely one called A Silent Night (no - it's not a cover of THAT classic) by Swedish trio Lowe.
+ A Silent Night

Until December 25 Glasgow band The Martial Arts will be giving away their album Your Sinclair as a free download. I believe this must be a reaction (out of frustration) to the fact that the band remains unsigned in the UK, despite being signed by Groover Recordings in Sweden and getting some really nice reviews. My first impression of the album is quite positive, so why not head over to Myspace and grab it for free?
+ Finale

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Ulrich said...

Jeg kan også anbefale Tom Waits's version af Silent Night.