January 2, 2008

Another year has started…

And hopefully an exciting one it will be. I have to “waste” one final month in my old job, before I can start the new one. Time will tell how this will affect the future of the blog, but obviously I’ll do my best to keep on updating it and finding new interesting stuff to post.

Despite having the impression that most of the world has been away on holiday the past couple of weeks, a few interesting things have still managed to catch my attention. This is the first batch and if everything works out as planned (no guarantee really), the next one should be posted tomorrow.

Ages ago (last year to be a little more exact) I wrote this about Danish duo Tetris = Therapy; “The music is an unpredictable blend of just about everything from noisy shoegaze guitars over grandiose post-rock to electronica, indiepop and heavy electronic beats”. Apparently the boys liked or agree with this description, because back then they asked if they could borrow it for their press material. Just before Christmas the duo published two brand new (and excellent) tracks and it didn't take many listens to realize that this description is still spot on.
+ It's A Secret to Everyone (But Me)
+ The End of the Season

Blog favorites The Holiday Show are busy in the studio recording songs for their debut album. As an appetizer the band is sharing the new version of I Love The Light. It certainly would be great if the band's debut would see a release in 2008.
+ I Love The Light

Ex-Budapest front man John Garrison is giving away this seasonal Nick Drake inspired track.
+ Here Goes Another Year

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