January 25, 2008

Friday whining (should have been Friday shorties)...

These are frustrating days. Physically I’m still here at my old job, but my brain hasn’t really been part of this since my resignation. Unfortunately I have plenty of work to do and expectations are that I should get lots of stuff completed before leaving, which certainly is quite a task, when you’re not motivated at all.
Perhaps more frustratingly is that my blog writing is suffering as well. No blog post yesterday and no Støj På Frekvensen post today.
At the same time my mailbox is getting completely cluttered (627 mails in the inbox) and the to-do list is constantly growing.
Now some of you will probably say that while I was writing the above, I could instead have posted a couple of shorties and my only comment is… you’re absolutely right!

Swedish psychedelic indie rock act Du Pacque covers The Soundtrack Of Our Lives track Sister Surround.
+ Sister Surround

The new album Nous Sommes the Tremolo Beer Gut. Qui Le Fuck Êtes-Vous? by The Tremolo Beer Gut will be out on Monday (January 28) on Crunchy Frog. This is an intriguing collection of instrumental surf/garage rock tracks that could be just perfect for the soundtrack of the next Tarantino movie.
+ Nosy Parker

One of the DAMPFBAHN! boys has started a project called One Weekly Gun, which is an "attempt to get people thinking, debating, reading, talking, reacting and dreaming", by once a week writing a song about a recent incident etc. All songs have been written and produced in no more than 3 hours. When the year is over the best songs will be chosen, reproduced and released on an album. Interesting concept!
+ Heath Ledger

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Anonymous said...

The song from OWG is really interesting and I find it really respectful to Ledger and his tragic death.
- AL