January 23, 2008

Midweek musings...

I just don't get this! On my way home from work this Monday I (once again) heard Slave To Your Charms by Kind of girl on the radio (Danish P3). Well done! Last time I asked if the band was close to signing with a label the answer was negative. Not so well done I guess? But what exactly is preventing the labels from signing the band? One of their songs is played in primetime on the most popular radio station in Denmark! It's virtually impossible being more hyped than that; isn't it?
+ Slave To Your Charms (not the radio version)

The Airfields album Up All Night will be out on humblebee recordings on February 5.
+ Never See You Smile

US singer-songwriter Wil Deynes gives away his new EP Stay for free. This is nice, catchy and quite uncomplicated pop rock.
+ Super Wonderful
+ Stay EP (zip file)

This morning I’ve been listening over and over to the amazing indietronica track Just Impolite by Plushgun. I’m puzzled how I completely ignored this one in my 2007 in retrospect post. Amends made?
+ Just Impolite

Acoustic folk trio Navaro (the new band of HITC favorite Pete White) has recorded a beautiful version of PW's song For a While. Those harmonies are just lovely, lovely, lovely........
+ For a While

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