January 21, 2008

Monday shorties...

I certainly hope that the new Spleen United album Neanderthal is a grower, because after one listen I’m somewhat disappointed. But if I remember correctly I wasn’t really overwhelmed by the debut to begin with either.
Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet gives the album 3 out of 6 stars, but in the very same review they also talk about the album View From A Highwire by debuting Danish act The Romanian Empire, which gets 4 stars. First single Criminal is surprisingly cool and according to the band itself the music sounds like a hybrid of Flaming lips, Radiohead, Deus and Beck, but check them out and decide that for yourself.
+ Criminal
+ Now Becomes Now

The Papertiger Sound amazingly continues producing new music and yesterday the band released the magnificent online single magnetic north, which of course is available to download for free. It remains one big mystery why this band hasn’t been signed to a label.
+ magnetic north

First release of the year by Swedish label Sudd is a collection of remixes by Fujasaki called ReMixtape (download as zip file).
+ Familjen – Hög luft (Fujasaki Remix)


TOR Hershman said...

You have an extremely interesting blog.

Thorsten Lyby said...

After 20 listenthrough's of Neanderthal it is making some sense in my head.

Parklife said...

Neanderthal is okay but no match to Godspeed... :-(