January 10, 2008

More shorties...

It really IS very nice of you to ask! My back is feeling much better today, thank you!

This is the way it should always be. Yesterday I posted about bakers at dawn and last night they sent me a short message saying thank you. This is how my oldest daughter would explain it: “Dad! It's a perfect example of a symbiosis! You need them and they need you.” Amazing what she picks up while watching Stanley and she's probably right I guess?
+ still not looking for (what i haven't found)

Last night I spent a little of my hard earned cash to upgrade my file host. So hopefully we'll experience no more of those dreaded “bandwidth limit exceeded” error messages. Now if only someone would click those ads to help me finance the upgrade (OK – in all honesty it wasn’t really that expensive).

In the car this morning (after all – this blog IS called Hits In The Car) I heard Dream Catch Me by Newton Faulkner for the first time. As one of the radio hosts described it: “that was one sensitive guy with a guitar”. It's absolutely lovely and you can download the track over at Wongie's Music World.

Now this is an international collaboration worth talking about! Spaniard J.A. recommends Danish 80's synth-pop inspired band Antilles to Swiss blogger Chris. Infectious stuff!
+A Different Place

Flashing my ignorance for the second time today. Peter has a nice post on the brilliant Danish The Raveonettes inspired band Death Valley Sleepers.
+ Black Pearl
+ White Noise

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