January 9, 2008


My body means serious business and it just won't let me forget my age. My back is still a painful mess!

I have too many CD’s - plain and simple. I spent half an hour last night searching for Godspeed Into The Mainstream, and although I found lots of CD's I had forgotten all about, I never did find that Spleen United debut. Perhaps the girls have swapped it for a pair of candy bags? Don’t forget that the sophomore album Neanderthal will be out later this month!
+ Streetfighter (Broken Spindles Remix)

The morning started with some seriously bad news. J.A. mailed the info that Danish The Smiths’ inspired quintet The Cupids has decided to split up, even though a single release seemed to be just around the corner.
+ Tonight
+ Sunday

The new Moto Boy single (to be released next week on Songs I wish I had written) is a gorgeous piece of sweet pop music.
+ Young Love

In A Cyclone Of Stones recommends lovely Swedish indie poppers bakers at dawn. The new 9 track EP anything in particular is up for grabs right here. This stuff is simply too good and too interesting to overlook.
+ hopeful

Flowers of Romance is the title of a brand new track by Green Concorde and it's arguably their best track to date. Stream only.

One event that you shouldn't miss - next Friday (January 18) a few of the Frekvens boys will be DJ'ing at the Beta Satan concert at Musikcafeen in Århus. Read more.
+ Great Moments of Pleasure

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