January 15, 2008


Stereogum has posted it and so will I. This is the new video for The Air We Breathe by Figurines. Danish humor I suppose?

+ The Air We Breathe

The Raveonettes clones Death Valley Sleepers are giving away a new track. Even though it's tempting to start whining about the lack of originality, the track and band are nothing but awesome.
+ Girl Got Lost

Not sure that I'll ever get used to music sung in German, but the quite catchy Teil von Dir by Hamburg located indie pop band DALIEGTGOLD is one of the rare exceptions.
+ Teil von Dir

Indie rock band Sir Salvatore has a new EP out called Continental Breakfast. This "appetizer" sounds pretty good.
+ Ambalina

Finally I'm a registered user at the Richard Hawley Forum and will now start lobbying for a Copenhagen gig.

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