January 14, 2008

Us With Millions...

Probably no regular reader missed my promotion of the Us With Millions concert which took place this Saturday evening, so a kind of follow-up post would be appropriate I guess? The picture is really bad I know, but trust me - this IS Us With Millions!

The sound just wasn’t good. Far too often I have to write this following a concert and I just cannot help feeling that people must get the impression that I’m a grumpy old man putting on the same old record. But as my otherwise musical ignorant friend sarcastically uttered after a few minutes – “I love the vocals – I cannot understand a word he is singing”. The sound did get adjusted and got a little bit better during the gig, but sadly it never reached a level that did their music justice. Drums and bass are a huge part of their music (the drumming was excellent), but were far too dominant on stage in my opinion, which left the guitarist with an almost impossible mission (I was later told that the band normally gets live assistance from a second guitarist, who for some reason wasn't on hand this evening - this might explain some?). I assume most of the people showing up at Lades were there to see Waking Life, giving Us With Millions a chance to promote their music to some new music fans. But when I looked around most people were just sitting at tables drinking beers and small talking, instead of being captured by the music of Us With Millions. Quite a pity and a golden opportunity wasted.

Afterwards I spoke a few words with Bo (the lead singer) and had a longer conversation with Jeppe (the drummer), and both of them turned out to be likeable fellows. Despite the usual struggles with record labels (they claim to be interested, but…) the band seemed to be optimistic about the future and plans to record new songs for what might end up as a self-released album.

Unfortunately (though I didn’t really mind) my companion had been pouring drinks down my throat most of the evening, which meant that I at this point was turning into the talkative version of myself. So the aforementioned conversation was probably more of a monologue, but hopefully they didn’t think I was too much of an ass!

Since this probably will be the last post on one of this blog’s favorite bands for a while, I’ve decided to upload all available tracks by Us With Millions as a small "service".
+ Do You Blush?
+ Now That's Common
+ Rosebud
+ The Golden Coast (new version)
+ The Golden Coast (old version)
+ Shepherds Hour
+ Sailor Song
+ The Tactician

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