January 4, 2008

This and That....

Another one of those posts, where I try to erase as many names as possible from my ever growing "to-do/pending/artists and stuff I have to write about"-list.

Tinkerbell from the not-so-often updated blog Pastries, Peppers and Canals has set-up/started/founded/established (what the heck is the right word here?) The Pastry Club in London. The first concert will take place on February 19 where Danish acts Jong Pang + EPO-555 will be playing live. Don't miss this great event if you happen to be in London on that date.
+ Jong Pang - A House in Heartbeats
+ EPO-555 - Centipede

As much as I'd love to be there, I unfortunately have no chance of attending, but instead I'm hoping that I'll be able to navigate to Lades on next Saturday, where Us With Millions and Waking Life will be playing. Drop me a line if you're planning to go and perhaps you could buy me a beer (though more likely it will be vice versa).
+ Us With Millions - Rosebud
+ Waking Life - The Truth and Me

Thursday, January 31 Yoav will be playing at Lille Vega in Copenhagen. I'm pretty confident that this guy will be huge in a not so distant future, so it might be a good idea marking the calendar.
+ Club Thing

In the car this morning when I was driving to work, I heard Slave To Your Charms by Kind of girl on the radio. Regular readers know that I've been blogging about this band a lot (and I was probably the first blogger to ever feature the band), so I cannot help being just a little bit excited every time the band gets some airplay.
+ Slave To Your Charms

Peter Schallgrenzen has already mentioned this, but it's certainly worth repeating that Danish 5-piece Late Night Venture has uploaded 3 (not 4 as previously mentioned) new tracks from their forthcoming album to Myspace (freebies of course!). The self-titled album was among my favorites of 2006 and my first impression of the new songs is very positive, though they do indicate that we shouldn't expect any major musical changes.
+ Drift in a Slipstream (from the debut album)
+ Love Respect Call


Tinkerbell said...

addendum: the reall matermind is the lovely Mette Johnsen. As the dodgy Placebo album was (Not) called: Without her, =we'd be nothing :)

pplist said...

This is exciting news about Kind of girl. I will always be grateful to you for introducing me to this superb band.