January 4, 2008

trashcan sinatras...

Anyone ever heard of these Scottish guys? I know I haven't (even though they have been around since 1987 and been featured on a few blogs), but their melancholic indie pop certainly sounds brilliant. There's plenty of free stuff to download from the band's webpage.
+ obscurity knocks (live acoustic)
+ leave me alone (remix)

UPDATE: And since Peter (how come I'm not surprised that he knows this band?) strongly recommends hayfever - here are two different versions of the track.
+ hayfever (kut radio version)
+ hayfever (live version)


Parklife said...

Yeah I know them since the 90s - "Hayfever" is especially great!

Ah, and happy new year, by the way. :-)

Kippers said...

I love this band too. Obscurity Knocks is one of the greatest songs of the last twenty years, for me. (It's great to sing along to when you're feeling a bit, umm, tired and emotional as well!)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hell yes, I know them and love them. One of the most underappreciated bands ever. So under-rated they are over-rated. Intelligent clever pretty songs for adults, I say. Love yo blog.