March 28, 2008

Even more shorties...

...or to be more accurate. This is another one of those "my inbox is drowning and I need to something about it" posts. Earlier tonight I spent an hour reading promo mails and downloading songs, so now it's my playlist's turn to be jammed with new stuff for me to check out.

+ Annuals - Sore
Never heard of this band (quite a few of those around), but this is a really nice acoustic inspired indie pop/rock tune. Definitely a pleasant start to what could end up being a long evening/night.

I've just deleted the first track tonight. Probably won't be the last!? No - there goes another one! And another one...

+ Birthday Boys - Wasted
First single by this new Canadian quartet (formed in December 07) and a really good one it is. One of those tracks I find very difficult to describe, but this is a kind of acoustic rock that you immediately realize must be by a North American band.

+ Bridges and Powerlines - Uncalibrated
Opening track from the Brooklyn band's forthcoming debut album. This has a lot of potential and it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what is missing. But sadly something IS missing, which I guess is preventing this from being an amazing song.

+ Culture Reject - Inside the Cinema
Fascinating in the most irritating way. Once again impossible to label...oh what the xxxx...why don't you just listen to it?

+ Ladytron - Black Cat
Even though this really shouldn't be my type of music at all, the new track from Ladytron does make me look forward to the forthcoming album Velocifero.

Check back tomorrow night for another post like this one...


Anonymous said...

it's culture reject

Paul Z said...
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