March 28, 2008


One album I just can’t let go of these days is Night Falls Over Kortedala. It’s such a phenomenal album and I will forever be embarrassed that I didn’t discover it in time for it to make my 2007 toplist.
+ The Opposite of Hallelujah

Another singer-/songwriter Teitur will release his album The Singer in the US later this spring. The media went absolutely berserk when it was released in Denmark and almost drowned it in a rain of stars from the reviews. Personally I think it quickly becomes boring hearing him doing his Bright Eyes imitation.
+ Catherine The Waitress

Meho Plaza covers the classic Haircut 100 track Love Plus One. Now what should one think about that one?
+ Love Plus One

I’ve just ordered myself a Hype Machine t-shirt!

I plan to add more stuff tonight while the rest of Denmark is watching X Factor...

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