March 14, 2008

Finally it's Friday...

If you could see me now, you'd see a big smile on my face, because what a demanding week it's been. My youngest daughter has been hit by Chicken pox (not my fault), I've not been able getting any sleep (the young one's fault), I'm damn busy at work (partly my fault, as I'm one lazy bastard) and my body is still soar from go carting Monday evening (driving directly into that wall was entirely my fault). So a quiet weekend is certainly something I'm looking forward to!

The above has in various ways influenced the number of posts this week, so consider this a somewhat weak attempt at doing a bit of catching up.

What seems to be not so long ago, I always used to write about shoegaze bands. For whatever reason I don’t seem to do that anymore (at least not as often as I would like to), so the other day I was one happy receiver of a promo mail about the release of the second Soundpool album Dichotomies & Dreamland. I’ve only listened to the three tracks posted below (here's to them mailing me the album), which all features lovely female vocals that suits the mix of synths and those guitars so incredibly well. More stuff like this in the future please!
+ Lush (What Becomes You)
+ Pleasure & Pain
+ The Divides of March

Death Valley Sleepers has posted a brand new track and boy hasn't he been listening a lot to The Jesus and Mary Chain? Still excellent stuff!
+ Left Me High

Swedish indie pop duo The Sweet Serenade sent me a message yesterday suggesting that their song I Can Never Die could be “the next hit in your car?”! With handclaps, vibraphones etc. it certainly features some of the appealing elements of the genre that will make you put it on repeat and once you’ve listened to it more than once you realize that it’s a real catchy one!
+ I Can Never Die

Just to rule any misunderstandings – oh yes – I sure needed a dictionary to figure out what Skoldkopper (Chicken pox) was called in English!

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