March 14, 2008

Evening shorties...

The Google Page Rank of the blog has improved from 4 to 5. Very nice me thinks.

Want to listen to some yummy indie pop? Then stream the new track dan semua kan berubah by Indonesians Sunny Summer Day. You probably won't understand a word, but the melody is absolutely gorgeous.

For some reason I couldn't access this afternoon. Still haven't figured out why, but everything seems to be working fine now.

Just received a message from NY shoegazer's Elika that they'll be sending me a promo copy of their new album Trying Got Us Nowhere. Perhaps mentioning Soundpool earlier today helped?

Listen to the first single from the forthcoming album by racingpaperplanes. The band is from Gothenburg and that's all you really need to know, to understand what we're dealing with!
+ In and out of coma

Seems like Suburbia will the second single from the Spleen United sophomore album Neanderthal. This is the video...

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Richard said...

Thanx for noticing the single! I put up a little thank you on the page! /r