March 27, 2008


It’s time to work my way through some of the many new CD’s recently found in the mailbox.

This is the complete list of today’s “menu"…comments to be added during the day.

Midnight Movies
Nights EP
2 of the 6 tracks are the band's versions of Night in White Satin, which I would have no problems living without (especially the one sung in French). However the remaining 4 tracks (2 new ones + 2 remixes) are simply excellent alternative rock tunes (with some shoegazing influences) and easily makes the EP worth the investment.
+ Should Have Known

Soundpooldichotomies + dreamland
+ Do What You Love

trying got us nowhere
The debut album by Brooklyn duo Elika might only contain 7 tracks, but it pretty much has everything one should expect from a debuting shoegaze band. Musically the band doesn't distance itself from the rest of the pack as the duo combine the typical electronic soundscape with pretty female vocals and noisy guitars. But since everything is woven together by some real well written tunes, the album certainly indicates that this isn't the last thing we'll hear from Elika.

I've done a bit of shopping at Matinée Recordings and if you're into lovely indie pop, I can only recommend that you pick up these 3 extraordinary fine EP's. They'll cost you 5 buck each, and with the current USD rate everyone outside the US should pick up a copy today!
Bubblegum LemonadeTen Years Younger EP
+ Ten Years Younger

Strawberry WhiplashWho’s In Your Dreams EP
+ Who's In Your Dreams

the electric pop groupsunrise ep
+ I Could See The Lights

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