March 5, 2008

Midweek shorties...

The Band of Horses concert last night was just brilliant (though at least this reviewer begs to differ) and I can only recommend that you check them out the next time they visit a venue near you. Someday soon I hope! Oh – and having a couple of beers and pizza with three of the Frekvens boys was pretty cool as well.
+ The Great Salt Lake

The new single Someone you replaced by Kind of girl is now streaming at Myspace. And a mighty lovely one it is! Hopes are that the debut album will be out in August...

According to the band's Myspace blog, Rich Costey, who produced Frengers, will also produce the next/new/forthcoming Mew album. So it's time for all of you who didn't like And The Glass Handed Kites, to start hoping that this means a return to the "old sound". Recordings are scheduled to take place somewhere in NY in May...

Excellent Italian trio A Classic Education informs us in a Myspace bulletin, that new songs have been mixed and should be up in a few days (hopefully). Will the new ones be as good as these?
+ Victories At Night
+ Stay, Son

In another Myspace bulletin The Monday Photo does a little advertising for a live concert tomorrow. Guys – when will you announce the release of an album? We are quite a few impatiently awaiting exactly that piece of information! As much as I’d love to see you live, Miami Beach is simply too far away – especially on a Thursday night!

A few more Loop a Loop remixes are now available.

Another episode of Desperate Housewives (yikes) will be aired on Danish TV tonight, which hopefully gives me 50 minutes of quality time without untimely interruptions, where I can check out some new music.

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