March 3, 2008


My wife just sent me this picture. Click on it, spot the red circle and then you know where to find me during working hours. Unfortunately it's not a snapshot captured today!

I seriously need to get some speakers for this ancient computer at work. March Song by Biker Boy is now available to stream and download (for free during the first seven days of March) and for the aforementioned reason (no speakers equals no music) I haven’t listened to it yet. But hopefully it's just as excellent as the previous two tracks of this interesting and quite ambitious project.

It’s Band of Horses night tomorrow. Looking forward to see what I've read should be a very good live act. Also looking forward to meeting a few of the friendly lads from the Frekvens team.
+ The Funeral

You’re probably fed up by how I’m trying to hype Northern Portrait, but all I can say is get used to it. My copy of the Fallen Aristocracy EP arrived Saturday and I promise you that it will take you on a trip to indie pop heaven for12 minutes 20 seconds. Angmoh has posted one of the older tracks not on the EP.

Danish electronic pop/rock act Volvoe is looking for a new bass player. So if you live in Copenhagen (or somewhere close), are serious about your music, know how to play the bass etc. etc. – why not send the boys an email?
+ Organized Faults

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