March 17, 2008

People Press Play and Blue Foundation...

After some domestic negotiations, I managed getting Saturday evening off, so I could join a couple of friends at our local venue to experience Blue Foundation live. As usual my hometown showed its appreciation when a lesser-known band drops by, as around 100 persons (we actually tried counting them) showed up. So the band certainly won't come around these parts again any time soon, as there cannot have been much money left for the pension fund. Overall the band delivered a fine concert and the songs work very well when performed live. Afterwards I spoke a few words with Bo of the band, but in my usual ill-mannered way I was more interested in talking to him about him being the 4th member of The William Blakes than the concert he had just been a part of.

The big revelation of the evening however was the supporting act People Press Play. No warm-up had been announced, but happy we were to spend 25 minutes listening to this talented and very interesting electronic/experimental/down-tempo quartet that really isn't such a distant musical relative to the evening's main act. And lovely it was that you had no use for earplugs during their set. Nice to finally meet a band that understands that louder isn't necessarily better. Prior to the concert People Press Play was completely unknown territory to me, so surprised I was to learn that the band had released an album last year on the German label Morr Music, - and obviously I immediately picked that one up at the merchandise boot after the concert (as well as a copy of the Sweep Of Days album by Blue Foundation). It probably will be the soundtrack of this working day, and so far this very electronic based and laid-back album has left a quite positive impression. Below the video for the lovely These Days as well as the album track Hanging On.
+ Hanging On

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Søren Hartvig said...

Funny, I just went to see Blue Foundation as well just on the day before, and have just written about it on my blog : Late Night Illusions

Very good show, but I also saw them when they started their tour earlier this year at "Store Vega", where People Press Play were announced as support.

And I must say that People Press Play is really an interesting band, I really that album a lot.

-Best, Søren