April 12, 2008

BREUMM and more...

The BREUMM/Decorate.Decorate. concert last night was pretty OK, and it was especially interesting watching the new (?) "version" of BREUMM. Compared to the concert last year, this was a somewhat (and surprisingly) nosier edition with Jonas refusing to let his guitar rest during the set. Here's an older clip of Jonas doing an acoustic performance of Ingen Verdens Ting, which so far is my favorite track of 2008.

Without Magnolia I would probably never have heard of Aimee Mann. First single Thirty One Today from her odd titled forthcoming album @#%&! SMILERS sounds quite lovely, but it also hints that she hasn't really moved an inch musically since that fabulous soundtrack.
+ Thirty One Today

Danish trio Marybell Katastrophy seems to be on every one's lips these days. Now they have been mentioned here as well...
+ Hidden Agenda

The single Good Day has earned US trio Jukebox the Ghost comparisons to the likes of Queen and Ben Folds. Judge that yourself, but a really fine one it is!
+ Good Day
+ Good Day (Andrew Maury Remix)

The rest of the evening I'll be listening to various promo stuff and if/whenever I come across something worth the time, I'll add it to this post...

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