April 14, 2008

From the top of my head...

In an article in the recent edition of Soundvenue, Djuna Barnes states that MP3 blogs are dying (out of boredom). At least to her they are. Does this mean that my blog is so last year before it even became a wee bit hip? Blast!!

I don’t own an iPod and I still by CD’s. Perhaps the right Latin term for prehistoric monsters like me, who failed to understand that we entered a new millennium years ago, is CDsaurus Rex?

I’ve often wondered what my CD collection would look like, if I said yes to all the CD’s people offer to send me. The reasons why I refrain from accepting most of those generous offers are:
1. I have no time to listen to them anyway.
2. 90% of it will be a waste of time (a polite way of saying that the music will be pure garbage).
3. Storage.
4. The dying market for 2nd hand CD’s. 10 years ago I probably would have thought of the CD’s as some sort of pension fund, but those days are long gone.

Spent 3 hours yesterday afternoon at some sports arena, watching my daughter (and several other youngsters) taking part in the annual gymnastics show. Highlight (my daughter’s performance aside) was this oldie being used during one of the shows. The quality is next to useless, but there is always a good chance that the song/video will bring back a few ancient memories to some of you?

Swedish synth pop duo Ostrich had a new song up last night for about 10 minutes (plus/minus?), but then decided to remove the track, because of poor sound quality. Luckily I found it in time to grab myself a copy, and I actually thought that it sounded pretty good. But I will respect the band’s disapproval of it and refrain from posting the track.

I swear that I found this recently uploaded track by Klaus & Kinski before Ivan posted the news in his blog. Oh well – great music will always find its way to the masses.
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