April 4, 2008

Friday stew...

A promo copy of the From St Saviour to Quickwell album by My Raining Stars is spinning merrily in the CD player today. Don’t know if the band members have been on a study trip to Sweden or simply have Swedish blood in their veins, but the album is packed with those appealing and guitar driven indie pop tunes that we’d normally expect to origin from our eastern neighbour country. I can only recommend that you get yourself a copy of the album, but I really can’t tell you how to do it, as no purchasing information is available (though sending them a message should probably do?).
+ All This Time

The new One Weekly Gun track is finally up for grabs.
+ 12 Million

Chris takes us on yet another trip down memory lane in this week's Flashback Friday edition. I was 18 when the cover of Always On My Mind was released, and being a huge Pet Shop Boys fan back in those days, I quickly ran out and bought every 12” version of the single I could get my hands on. If you come by some day, we could try searching for them in the attic.

In a cyclone of stones informs us that new songs by Bakers At Dawn have been posted. This is lovely indie stuff as always.
+ Crash and Crater

Via Swedesplease I've come across this cover version of Out of Touch by The Mexicos. I happily admit to liking the Hall and Oates original, but isn't this new version a bit “synthetic”?
+ Out Of Touch

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