May 23, 2008

Friday Evening...

Now what? The wife's in Germany, The Kids are sleeping, I've just spent half an hour doing pushups and sit ups as well as a few other exercises to help strengthening my ailing back, I've had a shower and have now poured myself a nice glass of beer. So what are my options tonight? I guess I could either:
a) Waste 90 minutes and watch the The Wedding Planner on TV
b) Listen to some music.

To be quite frank the first option is nothing I'd ever seriously consider doing, as I don't feel like I have 90 minutes to waste on some pointless Hollywood junk. So music it will be and since I have 1,000+ mails in my inbox, odds are (or should be) pretty decent that something will catch my attention.

Somehow I've completely missed that Danish melancholic rock quartet Skywriter uploaded a new track called Rewind earlier this year. Well - I assume it's a new track as it wasn't included on the debut Where Both Worlds Never Meet. Nick Cave meets Interpol? Craving Utopia, the first track from the forthcoming album (release date?), is still worth a listen!
+ Rewind
+ Craving Utopia

J.A. recommends Every Minute Is OK by Russian electro pop act Punk TV. No innovation of any kind here, but still it's absolutely irresistible with its pounding rhythms and catchy melody.
+ Every Minute Is OK

Copenhagen duo Feet Don't Fail Me is currently looking for a guitarist and a bassist, so if you want to be a rock star, this could be your chance! Interesting indie rock is on the menu, so why not give it a shot?
+ Out of Control

The last one tonight is this slow-paced and atmospheric beauty by Swedish one man project Sinking Slow. Another lovely gem brought to us by J.A.
+ Dark Song

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