May 23, 2008

This and that…

Silence Is A Rhythm Too posted the 12” version of Love Like Blood by Killing Joke a couple of days ago. …Blood was one of the anthems of my teenage years and to me it still ranks as one of the best and most haunting tracks ever.

I know that American Idiot is nearly 4 years old, but it’s been my most listened to album the past week. And it still blows me away.
+ American Idiot (found via)

Yesterday I received a promo copy of the forthcoming album by Navaro. Not sure what the title of the album will be and not sure it the band has made up their mind about this! But hopefully it will see a release date very soon, so the rest of the world can enjoy the lovely sounds of the trio. Stream songs, watch videos etc. at Myspace.

Crushing Digits drops to no. 5 in the Danish album chart.

Invisible Limb has (once again) been added to the blogroll.

Chris goes "Domino Dancing".

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Chris said...

True words about Love Like Blood... this will be a killer-track forever! Ah, the memories! :)
And thanks for the linking!