May 29, 2008

Mixed bag...

And the sun continues to shine.

Letters Have No Arms
has been added to the blogroll. Found this fine blog last night when I was searching for a Fleet Foxes track.

Speaking of Fleet Foxes. There are a lot of bands not worth the hype, but in this case I have no problems understanding why the expectations are so high. So I've just ordered the debut album, which will be out next week on Sub Pop (where else?).
+ White Winter Hymnal

Thobay of The Floor Is Made Of Lava was injured in a freak accident last week.

Not much info can be found on L.A. new wave/electronic band Antique Toys, but instead I guess they have decided to let the music do the talking. 6 tracks from Demo C (I assume this means that this is their third demo session?) are free downloads at Myspace, and so far I've had a great time listening my way to this appealing and catchy bunch of 80's/early 90's/somewhat gothic inspired songs. And now it would be really great, if I could find out where to get Demo A & B (once again assuming those recordings actually exist). Standout tracks are the lovely and dreamy Am I Alone? and the haunting cover of the Concrete Blonde track Joey (check the column to the right for that one).
+ Capture
+ Am I Alone?


thefourohfive said...

Great site guys!


Zumby said...

Stytzer, if you want to meet Antique Toys, we are playing their track Robot on Aural Bliss this Sunday and the members of the band will be in the Bliss chat during the show to talk with the listeners.

Prob a crazy time for you though, its 10PM-Midnight EST (USA-DETROIT time).

Auralgasms Radio

Porter Gray said...

Heard the Toys on Aural Bliss, and had to find out more abou them Thought this description was interesting:

“A Rag Doll, a Tin Soldier, a Marionette, and a Shadow Puppet make up this independent band, appropriately named The Antique Toys.

Armed with creative lyrics, a powerful vocalist, an electronic sound, live instruments, and a certain, anonymity, The Antique Toys is blending familiar sounds from bands of the late 80s and early 90s with a digital twist.

Drawing from a healthy mix of eclectic music, the Toys have been influenced by a long list of bands such as OMD, Depeche Mode, the Cure, David Bowie, Shiny Toy Guns, Postal Service and Radiohead.

From this collection to draw from, The Toys have developed a variety of sounds, but every one of their songs carry an emotion that is clear to many of their fans.

They tell real stories from their past, and from their hearts. Their music has been inspiring to many, which as Toys, should be the case. We all had favorite toys growing up, and still have some now. The feeling of joy and hope they bring to us is what The Antique Toys brings to people in their music.

Don’t believe me, take a listen to a few of their tracks, which are all available for free download at


Have fun with it.

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