May 28, 2008

Another Sunny Day...

No. No. Today's headline is not a reference to that legendary 80's band of the same name, but instead to the fact that the month of May is very close to beating the record as the sunniest month in Denmark since 1920.

Like everyone else, I've just tried to download the new Sigur Rós track Gobbledigook. But since everyone else still seems to be trying to download it, I just receive some nice little error message. Will have to track it down via some blog instead I guess. Btw. Anyone remembers this dialogue from Blackadder goes forth?
Edmund: Yes you did. To tell me some gobbledygook about having a lion up your bottom.
Melchett: Umm...I thought it's the old communications problem again. Stand easy. Action on this is imperative; take that down, Darling.
Darling: Yes, Sir.
Melchett: Also, write down "gobbledygook". I like that word; I want to use it more often in conversation.

And to make the sun shine even brighter, I've received some info on the new Ed Harcourt album. To be called Beautiful Lie and will be out on Tuesday June 3 in the US. First single Revolution In The Heart sounds quite promising and I've just requested a copy of the album for further "investigations". Will get back to you on this one.
+ Revolution In The Heart

To celebrate their forthcoming UK tour, US duo The Ropes are giving away a free download of the old but excellent single Kill Her Off.
+ Kill Her Off

I'm currently streaming a few of the tracks posted by the Lost In The '80s blog. Another setimental sobbing trip down the bricks on memory lane!

Danish indie rock act Munich will release their debut album Those Who Dare on Bad Taste Records on June 16. Eagerly awaited.
+ The Young Ones

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