May 26, 2008


Seems like a new album by Celestial will be released this summer/autumn. Stream an early demo version of new track The Summer's First Kiss at Myspace.

Yesterday's track by One Weekly Gun makes it 20 new songs this year. Amazing!
+ Ode to Old

Russia won the Eurovision Song Contest Saturday evening/night, but does anyone really care?

Via It's A Trap - download the new single Five Minute Dream by Like Honey for free. Almost as appealing as one of the band's previous efforts the outstanding Airport, which must be among the best track no one's ever heard of!
+ Five Minute Dream
+ Airport

Ruined By Martin is one of the feature artists in this week's edition of P3's Karrierekanonen (please go there and help the boys by voting for them).
+ Defy The Odds

French electro/club act Heyday is giving away their remix of the Lightspeed Champion track Everyone I Know is listening to crunk.
+ Everyone I Know is listening to crunk (Heyday remix)

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