May 30, 2008


Now that I’ve started it, I might as well continue this thread. Unless some meteorological phenomenon occurs, May will indeed end up as the sunniest month in Denmark since 1920.

So far today I’ve done something quite unusual! I’ve been working, as I have some stuff I need to prepare for a meeting next week. I will however do my utmost to secure that this doesn’t turn into a nasty habit!

However I did found some time to love tag a few tracks over at Hype Machine and I think it’s the coolest feature that the tracks you stream over there ends up on your Last.Fm profile.

Chris is all animated in this week’s Flashback Friday post. Know what? Take On Me was a monster hit way back when I dated my first girlfriend! Old geezer.

If you happen to be in Copenhagen on the evening of June 10 (it's a Tuesday) and of course happen to like the music of ENTAKT, the band will be playing a free live concert at Trinitatis Kirke (that's Church in Danish in case you were wondering).
+ [Vinterbrud]

Rarely has a band name fitted the music so well as the name of Japanese duo Love Psychedelico.
+ Standing Bird

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