June 2, 2008

This and that...

Thus ends the feuilleton. In May the sun shone for a total of 347 hours and became the sunniest month in Denmark since 1920. And if the weather forecast is to be trusted, the sun will continue to shine for the rest of the week and hopefully make this year’s Vesterbro Festival a much “dryer” experience than last year.

The second Northern Portrait EP Napoleon Sweetheart will be released in July. Opening track will be a re-edited and mastered version of I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me, which can now be streamed at Myspace.

June Song by Biker Boy has been published at Myspace and it's business as usual, so the track is free to download during the first week of the month.

Indonesian indie pop quartet Sunny Summer Day has just released a six track EP named Me, Myself & The Empty Soul on Letterbox Records. Promo track So Much Fun is yet another one of those enjoyable catchy pop songs that this band seems to be throwing our way in bunches.
+ So Much Fun

Songs I Wish I Had Written gives away another free single from the Moto Boy album. And a lovely new baby it is!
+ What it was like to be with you

Currently giving the Walter Meego album Voyager a good listen. Mix dance and disco in the big synth-driven pop blender and you'll probably end up with sweet pop music like this. Infectious to say the least and this is defintitely another candidate for the soundtrack of the summer.
+ Forever


Anonymous said...

You are so quick! It was only released a few hours ago!

Thanks very much for mentioning us and the new release from Sunny Summer Day,



Anonymous said...

Wow I love sunny summer day EP

Thanks so much.