May 16, 2008

Still here...

The past two days I’ve been listening several times to the new Still Here EP by Swedish duo Kuryakin. The 5 track CDEP and 2 track 7” combines for 7 lovely indie/electronic pop tunes that are as refreshing as the coolest summer breeze. As mentioned yesterday it’s a new release by Shelflife Records, which now are responsible for two of the finest EP releases so far this year (including Downhill by DAYS).
+ Peace of Mind

Crushing Digits by VETO debuts at no. 2 in the Danish album chart this week. For several reasons that’s good news to me. Obviously because I like the album, but primarily because I hope that other smaller bands will be encouraged that success (even commercially) can be achieved through hard work.

I've just received a Myspace friend request from at metal should I approve or deny that one?


WinterAcademy said...

yep! kuryakin are truly amazing!
[and also thx a lot for your comment on my blog, it takes only a couple of minutes to figure out that MANY of the songs i post come from a great little blog called 'hits in the car', lol!]
take care

junkliberty said...

decline the metal band haha
its me(n)tal.


yeahh I do promote my blog a lot, but then I wouldnt have found yours, or you wouldnt have found mine :)


Martin said...

Approve! Approve!

ideal said...

mmm.. u got a taste guys

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