May 15, 2008

This and that...

The more I check the unknown bands playing at this year's Vesterbro Festival, the better the program looks.

The new fine tracks by Danish post rockers Mimas have already been posted by Frekvens and In a cyclone of stones, but good stuff deserves multiple postings.
+ Cats on Fire
+ Mac, Get Your Gear

I mentioned NY duo This Is Ivy League in a post last week and the more I listen to the self-titled album the more I'm convinced that this will be this year's summer album. Catchy melodies, jangling guitars and lovely harmonies - yummy!

The second single (and another freebie) Poets Dying from the forthcoming Björn Kleinhenz album Quietly Happy and Deep Inside is almost as good as the first single The Quest For Your Heart. Could very well have been the soundtrack of the summer along with This Is Ivy League, but it won't be released until September (on Tomt Recordings)!
+ Poets Dying

Still Here by Kuryakin and Tour De Force by The Ruling Class are the two recent releases by the rejuvenated Shelflife Records. More on those, when I've "chewed" my way through both of them a few more times, but first listen left me impressed.
+ Kuryakin - Take My Hand
+ The Ruling Class - Flowers

Finally. FINALLY! I have a new computer at work. The speakers are crap, but at least I'm able to stream some music now!

Danish label Speed Of Sound has launched their new webpage.

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