May 14, 2008

Back in the Highlife Again...

Three days have already gone since I returned from Italy, but mentally I’m still some hundred miles south enjoying the beauty and warmth of Tuscany. Should you ever get the chance to visit Siena, I cannot recommend this lovely city enough. The Piazza del Campo must be one of the most beautiful squares in the world, especially at night! I also met two guys playing in different bands, but I'll get back to that story some other time.

The topic of this post obviously is a reference to the Steve Winwood track of the same name, from the 1986 album Back in the High Life. In the early 90’s I was quite a fan of the former wunderkind, but to be fair I haven’t paid much attention to his work the past 10 years. However last week I received a promo copy of his 9th solo album called Nine Lives, which has given him a small renaissance in my small world, as I’ve been listening to it several times today (and yesterday as well). But as much as I’m trying to like the album, it has so far failed to impress me. It’s a well known fact (to me it is) that my music taste has underwent quite a change in recent years, so I probably would have enjoyed this album tremendously had it been released in 1991. But in 2008 it sounds very nice and well produced – and that’s it!
+ Dirty City (featuring Eric Clapton on guitar)

Received my brand new Matinée Recordings t-shirt yesterday (the green logo)!

One Weekly Gun informs Mrs. Clinton that it's over, but probably to no avail.
+ Addicted to Holes

On July 1 Interpol will be playing at Train in Aarhus. I'm one ticket richer and 450 DKK poorer.

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