June 3, 2008

Vesterbro Festival...

As promised the program for this year's Vesterbro Festival was published yesterday (May 1 - this is a re-post) and to be honest I'm somewhat underwhelmed right now. Perhaps I haven't been following the Danish music scene as closely as previous years, but my first impression is that last year's line-up was a lot more interesting. Especially I find it disappointing that fairly established and incredible boring names like Rasmus Nøhr, Magtens Korridorer and Tue West will be playing. But as always there are quite a few bands that I'm looking forward to seeing and the next five weeks will be spent checking out some of the unfamiliar ones, which I expect will reveal that the line-up is packed with interesting names after all, despite my initial disappointment.
Below the list of bands I plan/hope to see:

16:45 Cody - Comfort and Rage
19:15 Kiss Kiss Kiss - Recorded Smiles
19:15 E Bird - Empty Avenues
Really a shame that these two bands are playing at the exact same time.
19:45 Southern Gothic Tales
21:00 Stupid White Men
22:00 Mads Langer
23:00 BREUMM - Silhuetter (remix)
00:15 Are We Brothers?

17:00 Mellemblond
17:30 Little Jimmy Reeves - Romance on drugs (found via)
18:30 Twins Twins - Fiona
19:30 Halph - Calm
23:15 January Jaunt - YourLifeYourHealthYourMoney
There's a good chance that I'll leave around 10 o'clock to go see Kashmir at Tivoli Gardens.

18:30 No and The Maybes - Mouth
19:30 Didium & the Black Bonnie Picture - No Drive Crushed Revisited
20:45 Ginger Ninja - OnePlusOneIsThree
21:15 Song to the Siren - These Days
23:00 Striving Vines - Too Much Wine
00:00 The Alpine - Youniverse


Did You Know? said...

great blog... love this!!!

Martin Ibsen said...

If you get tha chance you should see Strivning vines as well, very good band.