June 20, 2008


Trying to kill a couple of hours at work today, I was sniffing around Myspace, and suddenly I came across the Argentinean multi-person indie pop band Bluevox. And you probably know how it is? Any band claiming to sound like Belle & Sebastian simply needs to be checked out. So I did what I had to do, and soon found myself listening to some absolutely lovely chamber pop. The band lists itself as unsigned, although it does seem like the band has been signed by the label Where Did You Find Him? However this US based label has yet to release anything, but if the website is to be trusted the first release will be a limited edition CD-R by said Bluevox. No information has been posted for a while, so it will be interesting to see when (if?) it will be released! Time will tell?
+ There's Something
+ It's All Over Now

Another band set to release an EP on the aforementioned label is UK duo The Painted Word. The excellent self-titled track posted below could probably be described as a psychedelic inspired electronic pop song?
+ The Painted Word

The new single Up To Your Neck by Diefenbach is now streamable at Myspace. Sounds unmistakably like Diefenbach, which probably isn't a bad thing. The follow-up to the 2005 album Set and Drift will be released around October 1.

4 tracks from the new Dan Wallace album Reattachment are free to download at Myspace. Impossible to label, but certainly requires some work getting into.
+ Go Ahead

Earlier today Coast is Clear posted the track The Great Escape by Norwegians Cold Mailman (what a horrible name). But a great tune which has just been added to my current favorites list.


vafdufin said...

Cool, new Dan Wallace album! True, his stuff can take a few listens, but it's well worth it.

Knut | Eardrums said...

Cold Mailman makes wonderful music, and I agree, the name is not the best, but who cares. I can live with awful bandnames when the music is as good as this. Cold Mailman is also one of the bands we feature on our new summer compilation on the Eardrums blog, available from tomorrow (free).
Lots of good Norwegian pop these days.

Anonymous said...

I think Cold Mailman is a beautiful name. So poetic and enigmatic. Bet he's real good lookin' too.