June 24, 2008

Back up in gear...

Things don’t get busy very often around here, but when they do, it’s serious business. Hopefully things are back to normal now, so blogging can once again be top priority!

Thanks a lot to Steven of Letters Have No Arms for creating the new banner!!

The EardrumsSummer’s Here Compilation Vol. 1 & 2 have been posted. Impressive stuff!

And Labrador has posted their Summer Sampler 2008 containing 30 tracks. Some of the tracks have not been available as free download before. Just like last year, this seems to be more than their server can handle (it's incredibly slow).
+ [ingenting]Släpp In Solen

Chris is either busy or simply doing his best turtle impersonation?

Seems like Doves are busy recording their fourth album. Lost Souls was great, The Last Broadcast phenomenal but Some Cities was quite a disappointment. So I'm anxiously crossing my fingers and hoping for a return to form.

The new EP What You Get For Being Naive by Swedish duo Indurain is out now on Plastilina Records!. This is the kind of catchy and charming indie pop that some of us have grown to love!
+ The Moment
+ The Light

One Weekly Gun is taking a break.


Chris said...

this turtle here's really busy... but not as busy as that Labrador server! :)

José Antonio said...

I like your new car!!! :)

Parklife said...

The new blog header is great! My parents once had a car like that. :-)