July 11, 2008

Can you sense the frustration...?

Call me naïve. Call me stupid. Call me hopelessly stuck in a distant past. Call me whatever you like. But there I was yesterday, down at the local CD pusher wanting to spend my weekly allowance on the new (2 months old) album Zen Sucker by Larsen & Furious Jane – just to be informed that the album is only available on vinyl and as a digital download (had I been paying attention to some of these very fine and highly informative Frekvens posts, I could have saved myself from the embarrassment). Get lost! My turntable is now living its own quite life in the attic, as my wife has once and for all expelled the vinyls from the living room and I still refuse to buy any releases as digital downloads (and back we go to that good old “is music tangible or intangible?” discussion). So what the *explicit swearing* do I do now?
+ Fine (which things in my humble opinion certainly aren’t!)

UK playmobil faced popsters Play People have uploaded a new track Don’t Come Back to Myspace, and once again it’s streaming only. So I’ll continue adding fuel to the fire and claim that I have a sneaking suspicion that the band will soon release an EP on Cloudberry Records. This piece of information, which could be classified as a homemade rumor, hasn’t been verified, but exactly when did that stop the tabloid press from printing anything?

Yesterday I received a mail from Swedish electropop duo Psychic Stunts and once I had listened to the band’s fine new EP 101 Pick Up Lines (free download), my thoughts started to wander. Why is it that every Swedish indie pop band seems to be coming from Gothenburg, whereas every band with a more electronic approach origins from or is based in Stockholm? This is not meant to be a scientific analysis of the musical landscape of Sweden, but I’m simply trying to figure out, if there’s any truth to this (and there probably isn't)!!

Gothenburg (indie pop)
+ The Electric Pop Group - I Could See The Lights
+ Days - Downhill
+ Tellus About The Moon - Wwwm
+ The Lost Homeboys - Don't Say You Don't Know

Stockholm (electro/synth-pop)
+ Psychic Stunts - Speaker's Block
+ Ostrich - Icecold Kisses
+ Le Sport - Tell no one about tonight
+ Kuryakin - Take My Hand


ulrich said...

Jeg synes faktisk du skulle tage og købe den nye Larsen på vinyl alligevel, Du kan jo bare finde pladeafspilleren frem i skjul.

Andreas Häggström said...

Nah. Gothenbur is way more famous for its electronic scene.

Andreas Häggström said...


Peter said...

I det skjulte går Larsen folkene vist rundt med en plan om at udgive en cd-box med alle 3 albums, når/hvis vinyl oplaget af Zen Sucker bliver udsolgt - men med de salgstal de holder sig, skal du måske bare ud og købe en masse vinyler til julegaver