July 14, 2008

Superman where are you now...?

A while back I submitted this blog to the blogger social network blogcatalog, with the attitude that I’d do a lot of promotion of Hits In The Car and not give a damn about other people’s blogs. Now that I’ve spent some time there, I’ve realized that just about everyone else has the exact same agenda (shameless self promotion), so one could claim that I from day one fully understood what this so-called “social network” was all about. That said, I did actually stumble upon a quite interesting blog called Catapult Fitness, where the writer describes how she’s taken the 100 Push-Up challenge. Heavily inspired and extremely motivated I thought I’d take on the challenge as well, so Saturday morning I began my journey towards the 100 push-ups and everything went pretty well (or at least so I thought). However my upper-body didn’t think it was such a terrific idea, as I’ve been having constant muscular pains ever since I woke up yesterday morning. But once the pains are gone, I’ve promised myself that I’ll continue the challenge – stay tuned.
Today’s title was (of course) inspired by this classic:

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Susan said...


Thanks for the nice comment about my blog! I'm fairly new to the world of blogging myself, and like to think that there is a strong community of bloggers supporting one another (perhaps I'm a bit naive?).

Good luck with the 100 Push-Up Challenge! Any ideas on a playlist for challenge participants? I'd love to promote it on my blog!!

Train hard!