July 24, 2008

On a Green Concorde...

It’s been a while since we last heard anything from the four lads in Danish alternative rock band Green Concorde and I’m probably not alone in my wait for a follow up to the (early) 2007 debut Ten Cities. Still there is no news on how the work is progressing or whether it’s actually moving forward at all, but the first song recorded for the album Flowers of Romance (originally posted for streaming in January) is now available to download for free at Myspace. In my opinion it’s among their finest efforts so far, so I strongly recommend that you grab it right away. And while you’re already busy “right-clicking”, why not check out the recently published live version of Catch and Turn (the stand out track on the debut album) recorded for Danish P3.....a few more freebies have been added.
+ Flowers of Romance
+ Catch and Turn (P3 Live)
+ Catch and Turn (album version)
+ The Anthem To Which We Fall
+ This Time (tWAMi Remix)

Update (from a Myspace blog post): "We are recording new songs in Safelandings Studios in Århus with Ole Gundahl. Everything is going as planned and we are pleased to pieces. Today Rune Wehner from Spleen United is visiting us with his Korg, contributing with some dark synth ..ed bits. Then only the recording of Mortens vocal remain.

The tracks will, together with Flowers Of Romance, be featured on a forthcoming release, which we speak of as "Down The Corridor, To The Exit, Through The Gates, Out Into Safety".

The track list looks a little something like this:

Silence and Glass
Silvercoated Buildings
Arrows on Fire
Flowers of Romance
Planet WWX

Listening to these songs it's evident that a lot has happened since the recordings of Ten Cities back in 2006. It's still Green Concorde. But it's different."

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