July 24, 2008


New track by Sweden’s Bakers At Dawn has been posted at Myspace.
+ With these options nothing can really fail

From a Myspace bulletin: For a very short time Ether Aura are selling 3 CD’s for only $10. For this ridiculous sum you’ll get two excellent albums (Crash + Before We Could Sing) as well as the Semblance EP. Don’t know for how long this offer is valid, so act now!
+ Twist

J.A. has uploaded a string of photos from his visit to the Rip It Up festival to his Myspace account. Boy do I regret that I didn’t go!

Somehow I “re-discovered” Swedish one-man project Twinkling Streams today. These two tracks just jangle along so perfectly that they make me want to grab a beer, put on my sunglasses and dance right into the sunshine.
+ Relations Failure
+ Things We Never Had


José Antonio said...

Don´t worry.
Next year you´ll come to the RIP IT UP with me!!! :D

stytzer said...

Hopefully I will :)