September 12, 2008

Friday it is...

So it’s Beerfestival time tonight, but I’m afraid I'm having second thoughts about that demo of the month concert. I have lots of stuff I need to take care of tomorrow, so little sleep and severe hangovers could create a nightmare scenario.

I was happy and proud to see my name mentioned in the “thank you” credits on the Kind of girl album, though it probably means that I will now and forever be considered untrustworthy when I write something about this genuinely intelligent, friendly, innovative, talented and outstanding Danish band? OK - if we put the jokes aside for a minute Lonely in a modern way is indeed, as one could expect, a really fine album featuring 9 (or 9½) great pop tunes. You can stream the whole thing at the band’s webpage, and I can only recommend that you give it a listen.

Found the following comment on yours truly at the Play People myspace page: “we love stytzer and his blog. his was the first blog to feature us and it's full of great writing about great bands. he's good at rumours too....”. Know what you playmobil figures? I love you guys too and your catchy tunes are the purest of pop. However I need to practice a bit on those rumors!
+ Square One

Exactly three months ago I introduced you to The Mirror Lounge, which was (or perhaps still is) another project featuring Stefan of Northern Portrait. He has now been so kind mailing me a copy of the band's 2006 album Les Elegantiers and it’s been getting quite a few spins this morning. As I wrote back then the music is miles away from those incredible The Smiths inspired jangling pop tunes of Northern Portrait and in all its grandness it’s far more related to the likes of Chris Isaak, The Divine Comedy and Scott Walker. But despite the musical differences Stefan has absolutely no problems proving that he can handle this genre as well, as he croons his way through this beautiful album. The album is still available for download via Amazon.
+ So Suddenly
+ Don't Hunt Me Down
+ Drifting into a Secret Area (still so gorgeous)
+ Returns

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