June 12, 2008

The Mirror Lounge...

The Mirror Lounge is not a new band, but for the time being it’s a highly inactive one. Instead the two band members Stefan and Michael are busy focusing on their recent project Northern Portrait. But despite this connection; don’t expect lots of jangling guitars or any of those short sweet pop tunes that Northern Portrait writes in bunches from the hands of The Mirror Lounge. Instead this is as grandiose, majestic pop music as you’ll ever hear. But rest assure. The songs are still incredibly catchy, sounding like Scott Walker and Richard Hawley having the best of times teaming up with Chris Isaak. One album called Les Elegantiers was recorded and released digitally in 2006, but it seems like it’s no longer available (the links are dead). I’m told that a limited edition of the album might end up being printed someday, but there are no official plans yet! But luckily 4 songs are free to download from the band’s webpage, and I urge you to quickly grab all of them, as this is highly recommendable stuff!
+ So Suddenly
+ Don't Hunt Me Down
+ Drifting into a Secret Area (simply gorgeous)
+ Returns


Anonymous said...

It´s amazing!
Great! Great Stuff! :)
Stefan is a genius of the music!

michael said...

the 11-track album , Les Elegantiers by The Mirror Lounge is available from iTunes & Amazon