September 2, 2008


Don’t think I’ve actually mentioned it, but that Napoleon Sweetheart EP by Northern Portrait is sheer brilliance. And the trio is currently working on their debut album Criminal Art Lovers, which obviously is terrific news. Is it too optimistic to hope for an early Christmas present?
+ I Give You Two Seconds To Entertain Me

Danish synth-pop duo Blue Swan is (via sharing their brand new track Hunter and Prey. The boys certainly know how to conjure a catchy pop tune, and it will be interesting to follow, if all the new recordings will lead to some much deserved attention from a few labels. Or if it will be yet another internet freebie release, which I obviously don't mind at all, although seeing them signed would be an even bigger thrill.
+ Hunter and Prey

While the indie pop world is awaiting the next Celestial album (should be out anytime soon), why not listen to My Lily Of The Valley; another project of Celestial front man Andreas. A 3 track EP has just been released on Cloudberry Records. Thanks go to J.A. for this fine one!
+ Precious Moments

September Song by Biker Boy has now been published and free to download during the first week of September.

A babysitter has been arranged, so barring the unforeseen I’ll be at Rust September 19 to pay farewell to Velour.

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