October 4, 2008

New track by Play People...

Last night UK Playmobil quartet Play People posted this Myspace bulletin “we want to give more than we take. we want to love. it's what you need.....but the download feature doesn't work so we can't. we'll make it up to you :)”. Guess I’m not the only one who’s frustrated with the lack of service provided by Myspace these days?
So eager as I was to get my hands on the new song, I cunningly wrote the band and offered to upload and post the track in the blog. Happily the band accepted and soon an MP3 of the track was found in my mailbox. So here it is that brand new effort by Play People and what a track it is! Though I probably shouldn’t be all that surprised, as every single song so far by this anonymous bunch has been truly marvelous. New track What Are You Going To Do? is catchy, lovely, dreamy, beautiful, infectious or why don’t you just listen to it yourself and add whatever adjectives your find appropriate! I'm just beginning to wonder more and more who’s hiding behind this alias!
+ What Are You Going To Do?

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