October 3, 2008


...Friday-evening-emptying-the-mail-box-kind-of-post...The mails keep piling up and I need to something about it.

+ Apollo Sunshine - Singing To The Earth (To Thank Her For You)
Cheesy titled, but utterly beautiful acoustic driven song.

+ Beta Satan - Pray The Gay Game
Not exactly my cup of tea, but I'm (almost) always prepared to help promoting Danish bands!

+ Kinetic Stereokids - Have A Nice Day
Beck meets Elliott Smith to play alt-country would probably be an OK description?

+ Dead Confederate - The Rat
6 years ago I always used to listen to stuff exactly like this. Good or bad?

+ Goodtimes Goodtimes - For All My Kingdom
Cheerful song that immediately made me think of Elvis Costello.

+ The Pale Corners - Steve Buscemi
Lovely debut track by brand new Swedish indie pop quartet. Everyone knows Steve Buscemi - don't they?

+ Norma - Waste
Novoton is giving away an MP3 of the dark, haunting and absolutely brilliant new single Waste by Swedish trio Norma.

Remain amazed how much bad stuff that's released and even more amazed how much time and effort people put into promoting it! Where does all the money come from?

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